WiMAX not quite launching on time, but it is launching

October 8th will bring commericial WiMAX to Baltimore, the first market for Sprint’s XOHM service. I’d say it was for Clearwire’s service, but the Sprint-Clearwire deal is still pending approval. We heard much about WiMAX this past January at CES and we were even told by Sprint that the service, as well as supporting devices, would be available in the second quarter of this year. That milestone came and went with a revised end-of-September launch.Intel has a big hand in the service launch since they’re complementing WiFi by embedding WiMAX into their platform on many chips going forward. And there are a few devices that already offer WiMAX capabilities, but are waiting for the service: Nokia’s N810 Internet Tablet comes to mind.At our Mobilize conference, I had a chance to briefly interview Scott Richardson from Clearwire. I didn’t ask about service plan pricing as I was sure that info wasn’t ready for public consumption yet, but he offers his own insights as to what WiMAX will offer consumers. From the sounds of things, it’s going to be a long while before WiMAX networks rival the coverage area of current 3G options.

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