Welcome to the “web-only challenge” Harry!


OperationfoxbookMy sanity is restored! Someone else that’s respected and admired far more than me is following in my footsteps! Not literally, although I did just glance behind me to be sure. Harry McCracken, longtime editor of PC World, is living in a browser and documenting his experience at Technologizer. This is exactly what I did for two months when I used a relatively low end device for the ride. My Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium plus Firefox and bunches of extensions allowed me to do my daily grind without using desktop client applications.Harry’s calling his test “Operation Foxbook” and he too is using a lighter and smaller alternative to his everyday Apple notebook. Operation Foxbook will be conducted on the HP Mini-note netbook and I’m fairly certain that it will meet Harry’s needs in this situation. Welcome to club, Harry and if you need any extensions we found along the way, just hit up our Web category! I’m thinking we should form an official club, get ID cards, patches and maybe even tattoos for this sort of thing… actually, I have a wedding coming up in November, so let’s make them temporary tats.



The wife-to-be wouldn’t appreciate a giant “I <3 Firefox!" tattoo?... Really? lol.


Can those of us who work in the cloud not as a test, but because it works for our needs, join the club too? : P

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