Sling PRO-HD launches: remotely watch your high-def content


SlingboxprohdIt’s been a long wait, but I’m thrilled to see the Slingbox PRO-HD start shipping. The new device offers the capability to stream high-definition content, either 720p or 1080i. At the moment, you’ll need the new SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows to take advantage of the higher quality stream, so no remote HD for the Mac folks just yet. The device does support multiple inputs, which is an improvement over the Slingbox SOLO.The $299.99 PRO-HD works with over-the-air high-def, HD DVRs, satellite receivers, and cable boxes. If your home broadband connection supports uploads of 1.5 Mbps or higher, you can remotely watch your high-def programming on the go. Now I really need that FiOS service to get lit so I can take advantage of this; my DSL uploads top out around 700 kbps. While I wait for faster home broadband, check the hands-on thoughts that Dave Zatz shares on the new Slingbox.


Ron P.

I have been using the Slingbox Pro HD and I must say, NO ONE WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. The unit has been well designed and tested.

Slingmedia took some serious time making sure this was ready for the public, not just the the device but the NEW Slingplayer for Windows 2.0 (which is available now to the Public and works with ALL Slingbox Models BTW) so that the end user will get a very enjoyable experience.

If you have been a Slingbox user for some time, as I have been (Thanks again to JK OnTheRun for turning me onto the Slingbox Contest that I enabled me to win a La Russa Autographed Classic BTW) you will really be floored when you see a HD Image streamed over from the new ProHD. It is truly incredible.


Sling is a kick A software / Hardware. I use it on Windows mobile to stream. It is because of this company that I am holding back getting an I phone as Apple is not letting their software into the App store yet. When they do I will be running out and buying an IPhone.


I know the specs are always conservative, but another review showed them streaming HD remotely at 1Mb, even less. I think sling could do an HD LITE for remote streaming, to try and serve those customers with 750kps caps.

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