Redfly now only $199


I’m not sure what this means for Celio but they now have the Redfly Smartphone Companion on sale for just $199.  The Redfly is a mini-laptop that isn’t, with all processing power and connectivity coming from your Windows Mobile smartphone.  See our video review of the Redfly to determine if you think it’s worth this new low price.  I guess now Celio can say the Redfly is "cheaper than a netbook".




If this unit could work with a BkackBerry, I would be ready to buy for $199. I have a UMPC, but why pay extra for a tethering plan or an extra data plan, when a device like this will allow you to use your phones connection and data plan.


FedEx delivered my RedFly first thing this morning and I’ve got to say I am impressed. I am amazed by how quickly it connects and is ready for use. It is very solidly built as well. The screen looks great and the keyboard works well.

The only negative so far is that there is a HUGE keyboard lag when typing text messages. Typing everwhere else is perfect (email, browser, notes#. But it is terrible with text messages. I’ve email Celio support asking for help, but I also noticed that my device #CDMA Touch WM6.1) is in beta at the moment. I wonder if this is what is keeping it from being officially supported right now.


I’d be sorely tempted, if only it had a touch screen! As a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile and Tablet PC user for ages now, I don’t think I can relate to any device without at least a passive touch screen, if not an active or capacitative digitizer.

Joey Smith

This is definitely looking like a much better option. Loving the price, unfortunately I just sold my HTC Mogul in favor for a blackberry. I got fed up with the lack of memory and soft-resets. not winmo’s fault more HTC for not equipping the phone with the right hardware(enough memory/processing power)

Ron P

Personally I was never even close to fan for one of these. But when I look at the price point and look at how many are now on the fence and kicking the tires, I gotta jump. One thing I really like is the fact I will not rapidly outgrow its functionality as long as Windows Mobile remains connectable. It is like you are replacing the CPU and Software evrytime you get a new Windows Mobile Phone. And being right now I have 2 current Windows Mobile phones and a few one generation old Win Mo Phones, I am going to Amazon and “Do The Deal”!!

The Negret

Hmm. Funny, I was at the Celio stand at Mobile Business Expo last week and they didn’t mention this. All their representative said was how they were interested in selling to corporations and not consumers. Oh well.

I did get to try the device though. In person I found it’s not as ugly and the keyboard seemed nice enough. Anyway I can’t see myself using this as I already have a P1610 that will be assuming netbook duties soon. But the price IS very tempting.

Can a mouse or gamepads be connected to the Redfly?


I am going to give one a try now that they are down to $199. I’ve been interested in the technology for a while. I’ve been looking at getting a bluetooth keyboard for my HTC Touch but figured I would try this out in instead.

I miss having a keyboard on my Touch at times, I’m wondering if this will fit the bill. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll test the eBay market.


Tempted, but sadly I use no WM devices right now. If they make it work with iPhone or UMPCs, I will be ordering now.

Bob Russell

I don’t believe the hype story, but I suppose it’s possible. More likely they had inventory to move. New model? Getting out of the business? New line business and new approach to do this? I’m hoping a new netbook model is being prepared that combines full computing with “extended” remote control computing.

I’m on the verge of getting a Touch Pro unless something else woos me in the meantime. If I do, I am very likely to get a Redfly if they still have them for < $200.

But it seems the netbooks at $500 are pretty capable as well, and the battery life is pretty good as well with the better batteries, so that’s a tempting alternative and I won’t be too disappointed if I miss out on the offer. After all, I can remote control a VGA WinMo device from a netbook and “almost” get the capabilities of a Redfly.

Heck, I might even have to wait for the used ones to pop up for $100-$150! :)

What a wonderful wonderful time for mobile computing, and it’s only going to get better!!!


I agree Brian. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the Celio deathwatch.

Man, that price is really attractive. I don’t need it, but I still find myself having to resist temptation.


Now I AM seriously tempted. James, you’ve used one of these. Who do you regard as the “best/typical use case” for this device? Strictly the corporate worker, or does this have merit for the individual? (I posted this question as a response to the FriendFeed notice, but didn’t know if you would see it there).

Brian E

This reminds me of the Vulcan FlipStart firesale. Which is not a good sign…


I found this on Amazon:

“Celio has found that a REDFLY device in the hands of media, developers or mobile enthusiasts has tremendous viral marketing benefit. Therefore, we have budgeted a limited amount* of REDFLY devices for placement at $199 until October 31, 2008.”

“*Offer subject to limited quantity. Limit 3 per customer. Program may end at any time.”


It def makes sense for me now. Around £110 and Duty free. Will def pick one up when I am going to US next week.

I feel sorry for those who purchased 2 months ago. This must be one of those products promoting too aggresively. Madness. $300 reduction since first launch.


Finally. This is looking good. It still doesn’t make any sense, especially since an eee pc is only slightly bigger in size (but more expensive I guess). But if I can find a used one for 150 on ebay I would probably buy one. Makes browsing the internet a bit easier too.

btw, any idea if they will get it working with symbian or android any time soon?

heh, if i owned a winmob i would have ordered myself one on the spot ;)


I “didn’t get it” before. I still won’t buy it. This is going the way of the Foleo.

Mark Roddis

Now the Redfly should make sense to all those people who did not get it before.

If this translates into £100 on this side of the pond then I’ll order one now.

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