No 3G in the iRex 1000 series Digital Reader

Irex1000Earlier this week iRex launched the 1000 series Digital Reader device and I wondered if it actually replaces a printer as opposed to a notebook. Regardless of what it replaces, one thing it won’t have is 3G wireless broadband which some folks were claiming it would. I scoured the press release earlier this week and saw mention of WiFi and Bluetooth on the high-end model, but that was it.I reached out to Loeki van der Lee at iRex at that point and he responded early this morning. “You can find the technical specifications on our website,” he says. He also cut and pasted a line from the specs and highlighted the following bit: “WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.”So that’s it then: no 3G in any of the iRex 1000 devices, not even the one priced at $849. It’s not a Kindle killer and not really much of an eBook reader either. This is definitely a device geared towards the corporate audience for reading documents on an eInk display that they would have otherwise printed or viewed on their notebook.


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