Incase Sling Pack for MacBook Pro


I think my quest for a small but capable backpack to carry my 17-inch MacBook Pro around in is over.  I checked on the Apple site and found the Incase Sling Pack which looks to be just what I need.  It is as small a bag as possible and still fit the big MBP and it should do the trick.  I have one on the way and will report how well it works for me.



  • Reinforced notebook protection with plush faux-fur lining
  • Custom nylon construction
  • Integrated iPod pocket with cord managemenet
  • Interior pocket for maximum storage and organization
  • Designated space for flat documents
  • Ergonomic, padded cross-chest shoulder strap for increased comfort
  • Padded back panel with breathable mesh and integrated air-flow channels
  • Break-away key ring and accessory attachments
  • Fits up to a 17-in. MacBook Pro; compatible with MacBook, PowerBook, and iBook models ranging in size from 12 to 17 inches



James Tenniswood

Owned it for three months and love it, small, comfortable but space for a very large laptop (my x61t looks LOST inside) and some extra crap.

Very impressive, even better than a small crumpler bag


I have the same one for my macbook pro 17 and it’s a great bag. Pouches every where in and out.

Kevin Lim

James, it’s scary how I’ve owned the bags you’ve mentioned. I like Incase for their quality design, but carrying something as hefty as a 17″ MBP in a monostrap SlingPack ended up being quite uncomfortable. I quickly sold mine off at a loss.

The Built laptop backpack you mentioned earlier is more comfortable, and good for a quick run to the coffee shop which both of us seem to do.

However, if you want something fast at the draw, slim, and still roomy enough for your accessories, I’ve found myself going out with the Incase Nylon Sleeve (w/ handles) most of the time. Even with a 17″, the comfy strap and traditional design ends up being most practical for me.


I’m still using my Incase Sling Pack, which is a generation or two before this one. Much slimmer and smaller than this one, barely fitting my 14″ widescreen tablet in the dedicated pocket. Very comfortable, but that’s a matter of personal taste. Structure is as sturdy as ever after two years of regular use, showing no wear, and the padding is well done.

I did give the new model a sling when I was at the Apple Store buying my iPhone. Felt it was too big, but again, my current one is very compact. If I were to carry more stuff though, I would be inclined to upgrade to the one you’re getting. Look forward to your assessment.

Alan A. Reiter

Hi James,

I hope the Incase Sling Pack works for you. Since you’re carrying the 6.8-pound MacBook Pro plus accessories, I guess you’ll soon be looking for a good orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor or osteopath.

And perhaps Incase also makes a nice Ice Pack or Back Sling!

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