The Daily Sprout

Tesla’s Family Affair – The Bluestar: Speaking at the EmTech 2008 conference, JB Straubel, Tesla’s CTO, said the company may partner with an OEM to scale up production of its affordable family vehicle, codenamed “Bluestar” – CNet.

Western Climate Initiative Proposed Cap-and-Trade Plan: The WCI has announced its proposed design for a regional market-based cap-and-trade program which will aim to reduce greenhouse gases by 15 percent below 2005 levels come 2020 – ClimateIntel.

Dell To Green Laptops With LEDs: In its quest for carbon neutrality, Dell said today it will be cleaning up its entire laptop line by using LED backlights come 2010 with desktop displays following soon thereafter – Press Release.

Lexus Gets Ad Banned Over Climate Claim: The historically strict British Advertising Standards Authority has banned an ad for a Lexus SUV which claimed the hybrid was “perfect for today’s climate.” Financial and climate crises aren’t funny over their either, we guess – Guardian.

Google Wants to Fund Your Ideas to Change the World: To celebrate its tenth birthday, Google wants to fund good ideas to help change the world and “energy” and the “environment” are both categories. Submissions will be voted on online and up to $10 million will be doled out – Project 10^100.