T-Mobile G1: developers, developers, developers!

Tmo_g1logoMatt Miller kicks his new Smartphones and Cell Phones blog into high gear with a lengthy overview of the T-Mobile G1 handset. Matt spent well over two hours playing with the phone yesterday and although he ordered one, he’s not overwhelmed just yet. After reading his thoughts, I’m feeling the same way. At least initially.Much as I suspected last week, the story here is about the Android platform and the software. Matt notes that there are many G1 limitations on day one:

  • No Exchange support, which could be a deal-breaker for some
  • No desktop app, and therefore no way to sync with any local-only data
  • No app for Notes, Tasks, or even RSS reading. Why no Google Reader app, Matt asks?
  • No support for videos, other than YouTube
  • Music can only be downloaded from the Amazon MP3 store over WiFi

When asked about the lack of these and other apps, the response Matt received was “Developers are welcome to create” whatever apps there’s a demand for. (Why does this video suddenly come to mind?) In theory that’s fine, but in practice? Time will tell. One other interesting thought: the G1’s inability to sync to a personal computer might be one of the first phones (high-end or smarphone, that is) in recent memory that can’t do this. I’m wondering if this signals a switch in the phone market: away from the desktop and towards the cloud.