Samsung’s X460: thin like the X360 but integrates optical drive


Samsungx460So that thin Samsung X360 notebook you saw last month was appealing, but you just have to have an optical drive for your Heroes DVD. What’s a slim-notebook lover and TV-on-disc addict to do? If you live in the right country, you can consider Samsung’s X460. Instead of the smaller sibling’s 13.3-inch display, the X460 bumps up marginally to 14.1-inches at the same 1280×800 resolution. Much is the same on the inside, but the X460 offers an integrated optical drive for burning or watching; in fact, you can output to a high-def set with HDMI interface. With a 6-cell battery, the X460 weighs just under two kilograms, which is a tad over four pounds, and that includes the standard battery. Samsung estimates five hours of run-time with the 6-cell and offers up to 7.5 hours more via a nine-cell unit.Centrino 2 options are available for the X460 as are hard drive capacities ranging from 120- to 320-GB. Unlike the X360, I didn’t see any mention of SSD options, but maybe that was overlooked in the press release. I did note that the device offers a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce Go 9200M GS for graphics if integrated isn’t your thing. No word on price but these lucky countries get first crack at the X460 next month: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, China, Honkong, Turkey and Korea.

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