Open Thread: How's the Economy Treating You?

If you’ve been paying the slightest bit of attention to the news recently, you know that the US economy is, by some accounts, in dire shape. With the failure of high-profile firms, the rescue of others, and a $700 billion bailout wending its way through Congress, it’s understandable that many are feeling jittery about the future. An era of contracting credit and a tighter job market don’t seem like much fun.

At WWD, though, we’re focused on our own little niche of the economy: the web worker. Here, the picture may be slightly brighter. But there are several forces that affect us directly when things get tight:

  • Web workers can end up being viewed as easily-trimmed jobs, especially if they’re not in the office to exercise political clout.
  • But contractors may be in a good position, because contracting work out is often cheaper than hiring more full-time employees.
  • Tighter budgets may get more companies to consider telecommuting, as a way to save money on office space.

So how is all this playing out for you? Are you staying busy? Has the current economic news got you more worried than ever about your ability to continue as a web worker? Or have you found ways to turn the economic weakness to your advantage, by offering lower-cost services to your clients?


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