How to install the Android SDK on Ubuntu

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Sample_lunarlanderWhy oh why didn’t I install Ubuntu 8.04 on my MSI Wind instead of OS X? If I had, I could have followed these lengthy, but reasonably simple, instructions to install the Android SDK on Ubuntu! Actually I see that the Android SDK can be installed on OS X 10.4.8 and up or Windows XP / Vista so once I find the time, I can still play. And I do mean play since the Android folks have the sample code for Lunar Lander on the Android platform.This is really for programming types and the morbidly curious because it’s essentially the framework to create applications for the Google Android platform. I still thought it was interesting and I was serious about Lunar Lander: you can run the code within the development environment right on an Android emulator. If you do you go this route, know that you’ll be downloading various bits: the Android SDK of course, plus a Java Development Kit and the Eclipse platform for code. I’ll have to save my moon mission for later; I’m debating on whether or not to pull the WiFi card out of my MacBook Pro to use for the MSI Wind. While I’m doing that, you can talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: 3G connectivity on the moon; for it or against it?Thanks Mona!

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I use Sun’s VirtualBox on my Acer Aspire One in Linpus so I know it works on Atom’s. They have VirtualBox for Mac OS X. Why not use that and get Ubuntu running on your Windy?

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