Eye-Fi doubles speed of wireless photo transfers

EyefiexploreI’ve been thinking of adding an Eye-Fi WiFi card to my Canon XSi for a while and recent news inches me closer to the tipping point. The maker of the SD card with an integrated wireless radio has doubled the transfer speeds for photos and added some new services. I’m not sure I would need the services, but faster photo transfers sound good to me. Existing Eye-Fi owners will get an upgrade so their current cards will see the speed increase as well, which becomes available on October 5th.As far as the services go, these are extras that will cost you a few bucks a year and are included on some of the higher-priced Eye-Fi cards. $9.99 a year allows you to wirelessly share your photos on up to 20 popular photo sites. A $15 yearly fee adds geotagging data to your photos and for another $15 annually, you can enable your Eye-Fi to work at Wayport hotspots.I’m not sold on the services as I simply don’t need them. Faster transfer speeds are appealing, although I wonder how the Eye-Fi folks have made that happen. All that’s holding me back now is the card capacity: Eye-Fi SD cards are only available in 2 GB. If that’s enough storage for you, watch for the Eye-Fi soon in retail stores like Best Buy, Circuit City and Ritz Camera Stores.


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