Adobe Announces Creative Suite 4


Feels like yesterday that I was first learning my way around the new Photoshop 2.5, and here Adobe has announced another massive update across all its products (with some massive pricing to match).

Once again, Adobe has focused its attention around blurring the line between interactive and static content creation, and unifying the interface between their applications developed in-house and those they acquired.

For an overview of the top new features in the suite’s major applications, check out the report on The Apple Blog. The new CS4 applications are due to ship in October.


Grant Palin

I’ve been happy with CS3 Web Premium since I got it. That was a big upgrade for me, coming from Macromedia Studio 8, seeing that I essentially paid for two single upgrades and got 6 major programs out of it.

Some of the CS4 updates are rather nice – Subversion support in Dreamweaver! – but I don’t think they are big enough to warrant the cost of upgrading, and not at the current pricing.

Judi Sohn

Like Jake, I think what I’m reacting to is how much the applications work together.

If you buy a single application stand-alone, the upgrade is minor. But if you step back (and are prepared to empty the bank account) and can buy/upgrade multiple apps then the “massive” part of the upgrade really comes into play.

For me, I’m on the fence. My number one CS app is InDesign by a mile, followed by Dreamweaver/Photoshop and then Fireworks/Illustrator. As I don’t do any video or Flash work, I’m thinking I may take a pass on this one and stick with the CS 3 apps that already serve me well.

I am desperate for a link between InDesign and PDF reviews without going through Acrobat Pro, and that doesn’t appear to be here at all.


I disagree Chester. Strongly. This upgrade blows me away! Things you missed:

Dreamweaver has not only much improved AJAX support, but also Code Navigator and Live Preview using WebKit.

Fireworks can now make PDF and AIR prototypes, and exports modern clean XHTML and CSS.

Photoshop performance is through the roof. I saw a demo of this and was really impressed with their use of GPU.

InDesign layouts can now be exported as native Flash projects, opened in Flash and authored further. Wow.

Flash has a new animation model that rocks, 3D, inverse kinematics and more. Huge benefits to Flash authors in there, maybe the biggest. Flash. upgrade. evah.

Illustrator has support for multiple pages (artboards) – finally!

The video apps blew me away too, with their improved dynamic link and metadata features. Our workflows have more and more video in them, so this is going to be a smoother path for us.

OMG – what the hell did you want? This is massive.


Chester Lee

Hardly call it a “massive update”–

Ajax code hinting in Dreamweaver?

Smooter panning and zooming in Photoshop?

fine-tuned opacity control for gradients in illustrator?

I didn’t see anything I needed to spend the money to upgrade.

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