Yugma brings free screen sharing to Skype


YugmaNo doubt we like our Skype around here. It’s a daily-use app for us to chat about mobile technology bits and to record videos of those conversations. I often overlook the many plug-ins and Lifehacker mentions a useful one that’s apparently been around since the beginning of the year. It comes from Yugma, a web conference service provider and offers a way to share your desktop with a Skype caller on either Windows or Mac. The download is free for either platform.If you’re not a Skype user or want to host web conferences with up to ten of your best buds, you might want to check out Yugma’s native service which is free. Adding more than ten attendees puts you in Yugma’s professional category, which is $9.95 a month. However, that level adds some key services like recordings of the web conference, hosted playback, 100 MB of shared file space and more.

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