WWD Meets TechCrunch in Paris


I get to go to the first TechCrunch Meetup in Paris today!

I’ll be wearing two hats there (hopefully neither of them a lampshade, but there will be an open bar, so we’ll see…). One is my entrepreneur hat; of course I’m hoping somebody who hasn’t lost all his or her wealth in the crash will dig my elevator pitch to the tune of several million Euros. But aren’t we all? I’m sure there will be lots of talk about the Wall Street fiasco and what it means for the tech industry and entrepreneurs looking for funding. Should be interesting.

The other hat is my web worker hat.

I’m very curious to talk to the other entrepreneurs who will be there. I have a hunch that a high proportion of startup founders are web workers. We live outside of the box. We march to the beat of our own drums. And similar metaphors. Right?

We tend to be early adopters and know more about new trends and technologies than the average Joe. Because of that, I imagine we get some really good ideas. Just about all the web workers I know put their energy and skills and creative minds into side projects, whether for fun or profit. Do you? I’ll be testing my hypothesis at the Meetup and hopefully meeting some local web workers.

The other thing I’m curious about is what Mike Gunderloy asked a couple of weeks ago in his post Where are the exciting startups? He said he hadn’t seen anything come out of recent startup conferences that struck him as particularly innovative or useful for web workers. I haven’t either. I’ll be looking to see if there are any at this soirée that might get Mike and the rest of us web workers excited. Rumor has it that innovation in the Old World is on the rise.

Lastly, if you are planning to be at the Paris Meetup, please let me know in the comments! And if you don’t make it to this one, maybe I’ll catch you next time!


Pamela Poole

Great John! I sent my cell number through your PlanZone contact form. See you later hopefully.

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