Who needs Android when we’ve got Windows Mobile 7? Eventually.


Timing couldn’t be worse for Microsoft as the tech world is sitting on the edge of their collective seats to hear all about the first Google powered phone, the T-Mobile G1.  With so much attention focused on new phone technology the word that Microsoft is telling partners that the next version of Windows Mobile, WM7, will be delayed until late next year couldn’t be more ill-timed.  Windows Mobile 7 has long been expected to help put the Microsoft OS firmly head to head with the iPhone which will now have a pretty big head start on it.  Throw the first Google Android phone in the mix and it gets interesting.

(via CNET)



James: whom needs Windows Mobile 7 or Android when we already have Mac OS X on the iPhone???


Probably we all need Windows Mobile 7, try performing some real word business tasks on your Mac OS X powered iPhone and feel the difference. I consider iPhone to be still in Beta – no doc support, no expansion cards, missing file explorer, no themes, hardly any thing can be customized, cannot be use as a mass storage, … the list goes on………

Mark Roddis

I don’t actually think this is relevant to WinMo users.

I suspect the core user community for this phone will be the same ones that currently buy iPhones.

So will this put a dent in the Windows Mobile market place? maybe.

Will it put a dent in the Apple market share? Big style.


Dont forget the Blackberry Storm Touch Interface which is coming too. Gonna be some UI options out there real soon. Microsoft may still be playing catch up.

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