Verizon: We’re Not Capping Bandwidth

For broadband providers, imposing bandwidth caps is all the rage, with Comcast leading the charge. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Verizon, which has now gone on the record to say that they won’t be implementing bandwidth caps any time soon.

Doug Pasko, Verizon senior technologist broke the news to a crowd during a panel I moderated at Streaming Media West. I talked with Pasko afterwords to get more. “Right now there is no choking, no throttling and we have no plans to do so,” said Pasko. The company isn’t capping heavy users or singling out any technology like P2P. [digg=]

Pasko said the delivery of online video “was a huge component” Verizon’s decision to roll out fiber to 18 million homes over a seven year period (next year will be year six). But Verizon isn’t worried about Internet video delivery overtaking traditional video distribution. “People made huge investments in their televisions,” said Pasko, “They want really high quality.” Plus, Pasko added, Internet delivery of video on that scale is so far down the road, so who knows what technology will be around then.

Verizon offers a 10 MB connection on the low-end, up to 100 MB in some areas, and Pasko hasn’t seen anyone abusing the system to the point that would warrant any kind of intervention. Of course, there is always a caveat, Pasko said Verizon will never say never to bandwidth caps, but for now, the company has definitively said it won’t do them.


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