Tatango and eMail Our Military Connect Us With Our Troops Abroad


img tatango emomHere at Web Worker Daily, we talk a lot about how we can use web technology to work more effectively and to be more productive. We think it is important work and we hope that you find our insights and reviews helpful. Occasionally though, we come across an example of just how powerful the web can be, and how it can do even more.

Today, group text messaging provider Tatango is announcing a partnership with eMail Our Military (eMOM) that will allow United States troops deployed overseas to easily connect with and update their friends and family at home. By using a customized web interface, military personnel can send SMS messages directly to their contact group who will receive the updates on their mobile phones. Replies to their text will also be routed back to their web account for viewing.

eMOM is a volunteer organization that was created in response to the cutting of similar official programs, and this is just one of many ways that they are working to make sure that troops are able to stay in communication with people at home. By working with Tatango, who provide free group text messaging features, they are able to offer this service for no charge to troops and their families.

I think it is fantastic to see technology being used in this way and I applaud both of these groups for making this a reality.

Watch the Tatango Announcement:

Military service members can create a free Tatango account with a valid military email address at http://tatango.com/partners/military

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