SanDisk adds a pair of high-speed, high-capacity Compact Flash cards


Extreme11132gbWhat’s the best way to combat a press release that got a lukewarm reception at best? Put out two press releases the next day as a diversionary tactic. I’m just saying…Oh, so the two press releases, what’s that all about? It’s all about SanDisk and Compact Flash. More geared towards digital SLR cameras, although we still see CF slots in UMPCs and the like, SanDisk has two big boys for your camera bag. First up is the SanDisk Extreme IV 16 GB card that offers 45 MBps transfer rates at an MSRP of $399.99. Willing to trade transfer speeds for capacity? Have a look-see at the SanDisk Extreme III 32 GB CF card; you’ll get double the storage but drop down to a still-speedy 30 MBps, making this a nice card for high-def video shooting. No word on pricing for the 32 gigger, but the same model in 16 GB capacity retails for $239.99; my best guess puts this at the same $399.99 as its lighter cousin.

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