Older iPhones still holding their value

IphoneresalevaluesBefore the day’s T-Mobile & Google Android news kicks off in full gear, I thought I’d get one iPhone observation out there. I happened to be nosing around to see if the first-generation handset is still holding its resale value. I used to only do this for cars, but thanks to the magic of eBay, there’s a second market for everything these days. Turns out the original iPhone isn’t doing half bad when I went to Cell For Cash just to get an idea of the device value. The original 4 GB model nets you $140, while the 8 GB that Barb and I each have would get us $214. That’s a far cry from the original pricing, but for potential upgraders, it’s tempting. An older 16 GB model currently nets you $284, so you could upgrade that for a minimal cost as well. Cell For Cash offers between $315 to $420 for current iPhone 3G models, but since you’d pay an Early Termination Fee on your current plan, I can’t see many folks doing this.When you think about it, it’s astonishing that you can still trade in a 4 GB model to get double the storage capacity plus the much faster 3G and accurate GPS for $50. Barb or I could do an even swap: old 8 GB for new 8 GB model and actually make $14 on the deal. Actually, Barb can’t: she dropped her phone a few months ago and cracked the glass. It still works, but she’ll be driving that thing into the ground now. The iPhone, not our car.


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