Mac OS X on MSI Wind: sleep and restore is like instant on

This might be the shortest video in jkOnTheRun history, but I’m amazed at how quickly the MSI Wind goes to sleep and wakes back up with Mac OS X. Actually, the video would have been even shorter if I hadn’t been so shocked and mesmerized by this. I haven’t modified the netbook hardware in any way at this point: this is the “stock” Intel Atom at 1.6 GHz, the 5400 RPM hard drive with 80 GB of capacity and the factory installed 1 GB of RAM.Although Microsoft has made great strides with speed and stability of sleep and wake, I think there’s room for improvement. Eventually, Windows XP has to go away, so my hope is that Windows 7 really nails this functionality down. It’s a very small feature when compared with the rest of the operating system, but for mobile devices with limited battery capacity, it’s actually a heavy-duty function.


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