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Google Phone on the GigaOM Network

nullIn addition to our live coverage of the Google phone launch and our round-up of four things you need to know about T-Mobile 3G, NewTeeVee has info on plans for the phone’s video capabilities while Earth2Tech looks at the carbon footprint calculator app it will feature, the Ecorio. And OStatic talks to the LiMo Foundation to gets its take on the device. Meanwhile, the guys at jkOnTheRun apply their mobile expertise to evaluate the G1, including deciding whether or not to buy one. And for existing T-Mobile customers, they tell you how.

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  1. Its manufacturer HTC called it “The most exciting phone in the history of phones.” I compiled a list of all software, hardware and service flaws of G1 and asked the question, “Would Apple have been utterly crucified and AAPL have tanked if the iPhone came out with so many shortcomings?” in:

    The Big List: 30 critical issues with Google G1 phone