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Following close on the heels of our content distribution partnerships with and CNNMoney, I am delighted to announce that the content from our network is going to be featured on the New York Times’s web site as part of their technology channel.

The Times today announced partnerships with several independent bloggers. Andy Plesser has an in-depth report on his blog, along with a video interview with Vindu Goel, deputy technology editor at the Times. Goel also writes about the move here. This is a big boost for blog-based media, be it more formal (like us) or independent. We thank the NYTimes for including us on their list of partners.

While the announcement was made today, our content won’t start appearing on until early October. Partnerships like these are a testament to our entire team, which not only works incredibly hard to put out some of the best content on the web but does so consistently, day in and day out. Now, via, their efforts are going to be read by many more people.

I also wanted to take a minute and make a special mention of one person who keeps the whole editorial machine working: Carolyn Pritchard, our managing editor, who cracks the whip with an easy smile.



So who paid who? Does NYTimes pay you guys for having your material posted there? Or Do you guys pay NYTimes so you can get more visitors here. Or is it neither?

kamla bhatt

Congrats on the syndication deal.

Always impressed with the inclusive tone of your post, where you unfailingly mention your team members and other bloggers that have landed the same deal.



Om Malik

@ all… thanks guys. I really appreciate your kind words. It is time for us to go back to Work and keep you guys happy and informed :-)


Congratulations, Om.

When I link to your Posts – as I love to – I’ll keep doing it via the GigaOM site. The TIMES doesn’t need the exposure. :)


Congratulations Om. That’s awesome. You always have great content and are reliable.


As always, congratulations and I have enjoyed reading your blog for the last 2+ years.

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