Coffee break- T-Mobile won’t sell me a G1


I am sitting outside the local Starbucks enjoying everything about the sunny day with one exception.  T-Mobile won’t sell me a new G1 phone even though I’m ready to roll.  I’m thinking they are maybe overwhelmed with online orders because all I can get is this message:


I’m going to be at the end of the line for sure.  Oh well.


Gavin Miller

Good point, well made. ;-)

I really would love to see a true open phone OS whereby there are no more artificial limits on what they can do, especially as the hardware is now powerful enough.

Maybe this is it, can’t wait to find out!

James Kendrick

Gavin, touch phones really require you to actually use them for a while before passing judgement. I already have a T-Mobile account and since I review gear for a living it makes sense for me.

Gavin Miller

James, are you really sold on this phone? I might be but I’m not looking for something comparable to the experience I’ve had on the iPhone and even Windows Mobile, it has to really surpass it.

I’ll wait and see.


C’mon James, they’re obviously in the midst of updating their pre-sale website to include pre-sales of the G1. I’m sure they’ll happily pre-sell you one once their pre-sale system is set. Pre-sale.

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