T-Mobile USA Site Goes Live For The Android G1 Phone

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As others are noticing, T-Mobile USA just launched a dedicated site for the unveiling of the G1, Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) first Android phone. Not many of the site’s features were live when this story was published, however, it does appear that anyone interested can watch the press conference live or play it back following the event. A button in the bottom left-hand corner says “Get it first,” which will probably provide a link to where customers can sign up for the device in advance (What a concept…people won’t have to wait in long lines?).

I can’t tell if people are as excited about this as they were for the iPhone, or if it will be a so-so event that barely registers. Is anyone getting excited?

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Amanda Natividad

I'm definitely not feeling the same hype I felt when everyone was anticipating the iPhone's release, but I'm still excited to see what Google has created, if Android will actually be the "iPhone killer."

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