Platform-A Gets Into The Ad Exchange Business With ‘BidPlace’

imageWhile *Yahoo’s* Right Media and *Google’s* AdSense serve as the largest examples of online ad exchanges, AOL’s (NYSE: TWX) Platform-A wants them to make room for another one: later today, the Time Warner company will be introducing BidPlace, billed as a a self-service marketplace exchange which is set to launch during the first half of next year. In an interview with paidContent, Lynda Clarizio, Platform-A’s president, says that the exchange is being presented as a way for marketers to better manage their display campaigns. The announcement, coming on the second day of New York’s Advertising Week, also comes after months of industry reports showing that display advertising revenues have slowed considerably and the darkening economy has advertisers feeling less certain about the ad format.

Clarizio says that BidPlace is not being created to allay such fears — though she seems to feel it should help. BidPlace has been in the works for some time, Clarizio says, emphasizing it is not a reaction to anything going on in the market right now or that recent warning that Time Warner gave last week about AOL possibly missing its revenue targets due to the ad slowdown.

Excerpts from the interview with Clarizio and Eric Bosco, Platform-A’s chief product and U.S. operations officer after the jump.

Overall, BidPlace will let advertisers submit bids for CPM, CPC and CPA ads on AOL, and across certain partner sites. And naturally, it will reach across Platform-A