NYT’s TimesPeople Moves Beyond Firefox Plug-In, For All Users


Earlier in June, we wrote about NYTimes.com’s effort at stories recommendation and sharing of those in the form of a basic news sharing social net. The service, called TimesPeople, was a Firefox plug-in to begin with. Now tonight, it has started showing up for all users, including mine. The service, which sits on top of NYTimes.com pages as a thin band, allows users to save and recommend articles, videos, slideshows, blog posts, reader comments, and ratings and reviews of movies, restaurants and hotels. (via SAI)


Jay Dwivedi

I love the Times, read it daily, but joining yet another social network? Hmmm…I am still thinking even though it means that I could potentially "connect" with people who have similar tastes. I wish there was just one user ID and password that would allow me to do everything online.

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