G1: First Moments Touching The Device


I need a little more practice doing gadget demos… so rather than watching this video as a device demo (there are plenty of those elsewhere), see it as a measure of how the device comes off to someone picking it up for the very first time and trying to figure out what’s up. After all, lots of prospective buyers (some who will have used iPhones before) will try playing with it for a couple of minutes, in stores. Judging by my slightly confused first efforts, not everyone is likely to be hooked right away. You’ll notice that at this point I couldn’t figure out how to enter a URL into the browser (I try repeatedly to touch the top of the browser to get the address bar, as I’d do on the phone — later I learned that you have to press a button on the device itself to get there.) To do the camerawork, I enlisted Eric Litman, founder and CEO of app analytics firm Medialets. The company has been solely focused on the iPhone ’til now, but is now porting its service to Android apps. The pitch: If you’re a developer that’s already made apps for the iPhone, the service will capture data in a consistent and compatible way. Neither the ambient noise or the shakiness is his fault, as I kept moving around.

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