@ Ad Week: Blip.tv Bets On A ‘Slacker Uprising'; Will Moore Deal Lead To Rising Traffic, CPMs?

imageOver the last few years, left-leaning documentarian Michael Moore’s cinematic molotov cocktails have gone from filling seats at the art houses to multiplexes. Online video sharing site Blip.tv hopes that his latest, Slacker Uprising, will lead to more traffic to its site. Blip.tv is offering Moore’s new film, which is being released online instead of in theaters. The movie, which debuts Tuesday, is also going to be available for download on iTunes and on *Amazon*. Clocking in at 2 hours, 23 minutes, it carries no advertising and is otherwise free. So why would Blip.tv agree to run it? It’s not out of charity, says Blip.tv CEO Mike Hudack.

Brave New World, the film’s producer, had worked with Blip.tv on other projects and asked if the video site would be interested. “We jumped at the opportunity to host the first major feature film to be released on the internet,” Hudack told me. “You can liken it to Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails putting putting out their last albums for free download.” Advertising on Blip.tv is opt-in. Moore could have asked. And we could have made him a ton of ad revenue. But for us, it


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