Update: NNN Show Losses a “Coincidence”

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According to Tim Shey, co-founder and head of entertainment at NextNewNetworks, the recent loss of three shows (Epic-Fu, Veracifier and Pulp Secret’s The Stack) was just a coincidence. The company, he said, is ramping up development and in fact is launching a new show on the Indy Mogul network this week.

During a phone interview, Shey reaffirmed the company’s original statement that it was focusing on humor, fashion, lifestyle and automotive. “At this stage of the game you have to go deep in a category,” he said. To go deep into the politics category, for example, NNN talked to Talking Points Memo about acquiring that site, but both parties determined it wasn’t the right time.

Shey also said that the Pulp Secret network is truly on hiatus. When pressed as to whether that was just code for “canceled,” Shey said no. He said that although it hadn’t attract the kind of audience numbers for which they had hoped, there are people at NNN actively working on Pulp Secret to see if there’s a way to re-launch it; there’s a good chance, he said, we’ll see more episodes.

This sentiment was echoed by Alex Zalben of Pulp Secret’s The Stack, which had been with NNN for roughly a year and a half. According to Zalben, NNN informed the crew at The Stack that the show would be put on hiatus after a three-month sponsorship from Zune Arts ended over the summer. “[Pulp Secret and The Stack] had a much longer life than we expected,” Zalben told us.

NNN has roughly a dozen new shows currently in development, according to Shey, and the company’s Indy Mogul network will be launching a new show called The Best Short Films in the World this Thursday. Shey added that the company is trying a mix of models, and that part of its programming expansion will include shows that NNN does not fully own.

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Stefan Hayden

I’m a huge fan of The Stack and was sad to see it go off the air. I’ve followed them to youtube. It seemed to be Alex originally gave the impression they were going to be moving to a new network of some kind. But the fact that NNN has effectively handcuffed them with a wait and see attitude is pretty ass.

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