Turn your S60 screen into a smartphone screen

I like the S60 operating system for phones but have a hard time getting the screens organized the way I like.  I am used to having things like the Today Screen in Windows Mobile and being able to customize it to display the information I find useful.  A utility from epocware, Handy Shell, may be the answer to my S60 problem as it creates a Today Screen that is customizable to display a wealth of information on the S60 phone.  The today view lets you put application shortcuts to easily get to the programs you use most often along with PIM information to make a more smartphone-like home screen.  Take a look at the following screens and you’ll see what I mean:


You’ve got your basic clock display, messaging indicators, weather plugin and a whole lot more.  You can download a beta of Handy Shell from epocware.

(via Daily Mobile)


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