The Godfather Available for Digital Download


Well, at the risk of making the obvious joke, The Godfather trilogy is about to make you a digital offer you can’t refuse. Starting Sept. 23, The Godfather, The Godfather II and The Godfather III will be available for the first time as digital downloads (they tried to stay out of the download world, but they keep pulling him back in!).

Paramount is almost leaving no stone unturned for the epic mafia saga, as it will be available through digital services iTunes, Amazon, Sony Playstation Network, “and more.” The press announcement was pretty slim on details, but The Godfather and The Godfather Part III (part II didn’t show up in searches or related fields) are available on iTunes right now, where you can pre-order it for purchase for $9.99. There is no HD version yet.

The Godfather, along with Jaws and Star Wars were recently lamented by Variety as classics that was still not available for rental or purchase in a digital format. Having The Godfather available as a download should help legitimize the market and spur other classics into the digital action. If these films don’t step into the modern world, the studios that own them might just end up sleeping with the fishes.



will be available for the first time as digital downloads

I think you mean ‘legitimate’ digital downloads.


These movies are huge, and with the recent news of caps being imposed, and the continued sluggish speeds US internet users get, it is faster to buy it on DVD and rip it, as it is with a lot of movies on iTunes right now

Alfonso Guerra

For a little less than the cost of buying the digital download (until you add sales tax) you can go to your nearby Wal-Mart and buy the DVD in less time than it takes to download, rip and re-view on any DMP you like.

Davis Freeberg

The entire Godfather series is really good, but $9.99 to watch one movie on your computer with DRM?, no thanks I’ll pass on this one. If they want me to pay $10 to see a movie, it either needs to be on a big IMAX screen where the experience is just plain awesome or I need to be able to keep it on a DVD so that I can go back and watch it later on without any hassles. Downloads just don’t have the same level of permanence that DVDs have. Inevitably you will reformat your hard drive or start to run out of space and poof, there goes the $10 bucks that you spent on the movie. Get it down to $3 for a rental and we can do business, but otherwise, I’ll just add it to my Netflix queue if I want to see it again.

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