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Green Mobile Power!: The telecom trade group GSMA is calling for renewable power sources, like solar, wind and sustainable biofuels to power 118,000 off-grid base stations in developing countries by 2012 — release.

The Campaigns Debate Climate Change Plans: Well, not the candidates themselves, but their spokespersons — Douglas Holtz-Blackberry-Eakin for McCain and Yale professor Dan Esty for Obama — WSJ.

Drill Ditty: The Huffpost blogs on country singer Aaron Tippin’s (of Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly fame) latest good ol’ oil drillin’ song: “Drill Here, Drill Now,”. A classic, we celebrate his entire collection. — Huffington Post.

Bill McKibben — Yes on Prop H: To all those San Francisco voters, environmentalist Bill McKibben says you should vote yes on San Francisco’s Clean Energy Act, Prop H. The Prop calls for 100 percent renewables in 3 decades. — Fog City Journal.

Senator Alexander Plugs-In Prius: Senator Lamar Alexander has become the latest plug-in Prius convert and spent $10,000 to convert his Prius with A123 Systems’s Hymotion plug-in kit — AutoblogGreen.

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