PC Magazine- Android aimed at feature phones, not smartphones

Android_logoPC Magazine has published an interesting article about the upcoming HTC Dream Android phone that claims Android is just a distraction.  The author makes the good observation that Google and HTC are not directing this phone to compete with smartphones, rather it’s going after the feature phone market.  This is in line with what I have said all along about Android.  Google is a household word, everybody that uses a phone already uses Google so having a Google-based phone is an easy fit.  The big sales numbers are in the regular phone, or feature phone, market segment, not the tiny (by comparison) smartphone market segment.

Android is open source so as the author states the big high-end feature phone makers, Samsung and LG, can use Android to update their flagging OS and yet still customize it to the carrier involved.  I agree heartily with this and have often stated that the average consumer could care less about smartphone or feature phone, they just want to do the things they need to do on their phone.  It will also be a comfort to have the Google logo on the phone, after all, we all use it every day.


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