Intel fuses the Atom with two cores for nettops


IntelatomIntel has started production on a dual-core Atom CPU, the 330, running at the same speed as the now common 1.6 GHz chip we see in today’s netbooks. This little guy is geared towards nettops, not netbooks, so expect to see it inside lower priced, smaller boxes for your desk. GottaBeMobile suspects that some netbook makers will drop the 45nm chip in netbooks, but I completely disagree. Why? You’ll be sacrificing battery life for certain over current solutions: today’s single core Intel Atom tops out at 2.6 watts TDP while the dual-core flavor needs 8 watts during overdrive. I’d be looking for this inside basic desktop products since Intel says it’s geared “primarily for web surfing, email, and basic Internet usage.”I’m definitely curious as to the chip pricing and how much money it will save consumers over today’s current offerings. I continue to see desktop system prices coming down using other Intel and AMD CPUs; will boxes based on the Intel dual-core Atom be vastly less expensive while offering a solid experience? If not, I have to wonder if Intel is focusing on the right market here; there seems to be more of an opportunity in the mobile space to me.


Carlos Lopez

wow, now i understand, thank you for the answer. Keep doing the great job at JKontherun.



Kevin C. Tofel

Carlos, the Intel Atom in today’s netbooks aren’t dual core. You’re seeing “two” CPUs due to the Atom’s Hyperthreading capability which can handle two threads at one time.

Carlos Lopez


I just bought an Acer Aspire One, it comes with an Atom Processor 270. When I checked the device manager windows XP recognized two processors, that means that the Atom 270 is a dual core, or am I mistaken?


Far from a processor expert here, but I’d think at this point making a dual-core version of a chip would be considered low hanging fruit, and would not greatly detract from Intel’s further development in other areas, yet provide a whole new product line with a different marketshare to eat up.

Like raising the ride height on a sedan, giving it a wagon rear end and calling it a “brand new crossover SUV that drives like a car and gets great mileage!”


I hope to see a dual core netbook soon – How about at the January Apple Event?

It doesn’t matter if the CPU has one or two cores as long as there is a way to switch off one of the cores when it’s not needed.

Unplugged from the mains you’d run one core by default, with the option to bring in the other as needed.

You’d then have the best of both worlds.

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