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Earlier this summer, when we announced our content partnership with, I hinted that there would be more to come. Today it gives me great pleasure to announce that we have formed a content-sharing agreement with Time Warner’s, the online home of Fortune magazine, Money magazine and several other top-notch publications.

With more than 10 million unique visitors a month, CNNMoney is one of the biggest business-related destinations on the web. As part of the partnership, starting soon, content from our growing network of sites is going to appear on the technology channels of and The technology industries and topics covered will include broadband, VoIP, Internet infrastructure, mobile devices, wireless innovation, digital media and venture capital, among others.

We will be looking for ways to further enhance this relationship as well. And it’s great to be working with my former employer again. Thanks to Chris Peacock, editor and VP of, and Jonathan Shar, SVP and general manager, for helping to put this partnership together.

Regular readers of this blog know that ever since the day we opened for business, I have been striving to turn this company into more than the efforts of just one person. That has meant developing and nurturing talent within the organization, bringing in professionals and putting in place the best practices needed to become a true, next-generation online media entity.

This partnership is also a testament to how hard my team works — never complaining, always ready with a smile, and committed to turning my ideas into reality. Thanks you guys, and onwards!



Great execution! I think the market is making a statement. First, BusinessWeek and now CNNMoney.

Nitin Ahuja

Way to go Om ! you guys clearly distinguish yourself with quality of content and perspectives

Om Malik

@All thanks for your kind words.

@videomonetization Your points are well noted and we are going to try and make sure that you are not disappointed. Thanks for your feedback – it is super helpful.

@Mathieu Ramage, yes we do have those plans. stay tuned.

Erik Milster

Congrats Om,

This is a great example of how traditional and digital media are converging. Keep up the good work.

Rory Bellows

Congratulations to you OM & to the folks at CNN for spotting great content!


GigaCo & Om,

Congratulations on another milestone. Your new partners will benefit from the clueful reporting, analysis, and commentary @ GigaOm.


Hi Om,

It is great that you’re business is expanding but for me someone who loves your columns and insights this is not a good sign. I only read your columns on your blog and I increasingly find it cluttered with ad’s random articles (how to network in silicon valley etc) more continue reading arrows and writers that don’t write as crisply.

I’d much rather prefer if you kept to the Craigslist model and true to your writing (which is delightful).

Hope your are listening


Another feather in your cap. Congrats Om. Keep up your good work. Hoping to see more good news soon

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