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Electric Motorcycle Startup Raises Funds From Best Buy

Brammo, an Ashland, Ore., startup that makes electric motorcycles, has raised $10 million from investors, including the VC arm of electronics chain Best Buy, according to Brammo says its bike, the Enertia, has an initial price tag of $15,000 (set to drop to $12,000 later this year), can get 45 miles per charge, and is significantly more efficient than both standard motorcycles and currently available electric cars (see chart below).

Best Buy Capital hasn’t made many public investments (its formation made the news earlier this year because of discovered job postings), and an electric motorcycle doesn’t seem like a standard product to sell at one of its stores. But Brammo’s CEO Craig Bramscher told PEHub that its motorcycle can trend more toward being a consumer electronic than a vehicle.

The Enertia joins a growing list of new alternative electric vehicles that aren’t the standard four-wheeled cars, including VentureOne from Venture Vehicles, Aptera’s Typ-1 and the Vectrix. Prominent venture capitalists are backing both Venture Vehicles and Aptera; Brammo’s other investors include Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital.

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