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I’ve written before about my favorite, free online meeting and collaboration application: Yugma. Mac, Windows and Linux users will find this application to be a very slick solution. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with some features in Yugma that I hadn’t been using before. A couple of these may be very helpful for anyone doing meeting or screen sharing online.

Yugma has worked with Skype for a long time, but now users of Skype who just want to add conferencing and screen sharing features, can tack it on with one download for Windows, or for the Mac. This is an excellent way to combine visual and audio collaboration without incurring fees, and a good way to get the Skype community going with Yugma.

I’ve never been the hugest fan of Skype on its own, but the integration with Yugma is good, especially for anyone who sits in long phone meetings. This YouTube video provides a good demo of how Yugma works as a plug-in for Skype. And, as Lifehacker notes, Skype users who already have their contact lists fleshed out can get going with Yugma without setup hassles.

Yugma also now lets users join a conferencing session even if they haven’t downloaded and installed the application. The “Join a Session” link atop Yugma’s home page is all participants need, although users who haven’t downloaded the application do stay in View Only mode. It’s a good way to try Yugma out, though.

Yugma comes in a Premium Edition for $9.95 a month, and one of the features you get in that edition is the ability to record online conferences. I’ve considered upgrading to that edition solely for that feature, and it would be smart for one of the free conferencing solutions out there to add that capability on. Then, I could mail conference recordings around with ease, similar to sharing SightSpeed videos by e-mail.

Do you have a lot of people you want to be on the same online meeting? If so, the free version of Yugma only allows 10 participants. However, the open source, free conferencing application DimDim allows 20 participants, and I’m also a fan of it.

What online meeting solution do you use?


Jonah Cagley

Hi Samuel,

Sincere thanks for your post about Yugma and our Yugma for Skype application. Wanted to let you and your readers know some up-to-the-minute info… in our View Only feature for joining a session, we’ve added chat functionality (public and private chat). Attendees can chat with the Host anytime during the view only session. Give it a try!

If you or your readers have any comments, questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you (email to:


Gina Van Allen

I just checked out Acrobat Connect Pro and pricing seems pretty steep ($375/month for 5 users – (Pricing page) when you consider that Yugma and DimDim offer similar services for free or $9.95/month. As an SMB owner, I have to balance the price and features to fit my budget.

Brandon Lemley

I personally use acrobat connect ( It is worth giving a look.

Hank Levitt

Nice to see this article about Skype and Yugma. I’ve been a Skype user for awhile and only recently found Yugma. For me, the most important aspect of my sales cycle is the ability to review contracts and finalize the deal. I’m in Biopharma sales and I’ve been using Yugma with some of my clients and it has helped provide much more clarity at the contract phase. I’ll keep watching…

Steve Chazin

Sam, Dimdim is free for 20 people, requires NO download AND allows unlimited recordings of sessions (with easy URL or embed code). You can use the built-in VoIP, an unlimited free conference phone number, or use Skype. All this with no download required – simply Skype your friends your Dimdim meeting room URL and one click later you are all in the same place. Dimdim runs great on Mac, Windows or Linux. Enjoy at

Ralf Lippold


Myself I use Skype and Yugma (SE – Skype Edition) on my G4 Powerbook.

It works flawlessly and provides great benefit (from a lean thinking point of view that should be used in organizations much more often!).

AdobeConnectNow is another cool tool (in the free version up to three people can use it in conference).


Ralf (Leipzig, Germany – where the Knowledge Worker 2.0 is still quite an alien;-))

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