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CBS’ iPhone App Requires Jailbroken Phone for Video

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There’s been a lot of chatter today about the CBS EyeMobile app for the iPhone. Reports indicate that the app lets aspiring citizen journalists report on news by uploading photos and videos to the CBS site with the popular device. What reports aren’t saying is that in order to use video for the service, you have to have a jailbroken iPhone.

I spoke with Brent Brookler, the CEO of Treemo Labs, the company that developed the EyeMobile application for CBS. He confirmed that the iPhone app does indeed require a jailbroken device if you want to capture video. Brookler said that the EyeMobile app was more about uploading photos and that the iPhone “is a great distribution outlet.”

If you are hell-bent on using your iPhone to record your homegrown video news and send it to CBS, you’ll have to hack your iPhone first (though we aren’t advocating you do this). iSmashPhone has reviews of two video recording apps for the iPhone you could use to capture video and then email to the EyeMobile service.

Alternatively, if you wanted to skip CBS altogether, you can use an iPhone to capture and live-stream video. Budding Christiane Amanpours of the world can capture and broadcast live video footage from (jailbroken) iPhones using either Flixwagon or Qik.

2 Responses to “CBS’ iPhone App Requires Jailbroken Phone for Video”

  1. Sorry, but you title is dead wrong. The CBS iPhone application does not require a jailbroken iPhone. I am a developer of the CBS EyeMobile iPhone application.

    The application can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. It is listed under the “News” category. I believe what Brent was telling you was that in order for the iPhone app to take video, it would have to be released as an app for jailbroken iPhones, similar to Flixwagon or Qik.

    The CBS EyeMobile iPhone application allows users to report the news on their iPhone by taking pictures with the camera or choosing existing pictures from their picture library. You can also upload from your computer, allowing you to upload videos as well.

    I’m hoping you will update your post accordingly.