AP Mobile News Proves Quite Popular

This past week the Associated Press announced that their Mobile News Network received some 16 million page views for the month of August. How does this relate to Apple? 95% of those 16 million page views originated from iPhone and iPod touch users via Mobile Safari and the AP Mobile News Network iPhone/iPod touch app.

The Mobile News Network initially launched on May 5 which was (and currently still is) accessible via apnews.com/mobile and then on July 10 they launched their free iPhone/iPod touch app. Currently their application is the 2nd most popular news reader, behind NYTimes, and is the highest rated news reader.

Here are a few interesting usage statistics:

  • Heavy usage starts at around 7 a.m. and grows steadily until around 10 p.m.
  • Weekends tend to see the highest traffic
  • The average users views 37 pages per month

Currently the Mobile News Network can only be accessed via apnews.com/mobile or the iPhone/iPod touch app, but there is a Blackberry application in the works.

What is your favorite method for feeding your news addiction?


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