9,000 Penises, MobLogic: NTV Station Today

We may be looking at the dawn of an incredibly politically incorrect new meme, courtesy of Oprah Winfrey’s crusade against pedophiles. A 40-second clip of Oprah reading out loud a message from a pedophile, threatening the nation’s children with the full force of “9,000 penises” has lead to any number of dance remixes featuring the Japanese meme character Pedo-Bear. It’s absurd as hell, but with nearly 770,000 hits on the original Oprah clip and over 50 video responses so far, it’s clearly building into…well, something.

And on a more serious note, today we look at MobLogic‘s coverage of the Troy Davis death penalty case, which is currently scheduled to conclude tomorrow night with Davis’s execution. What does the CBS Interactive series have to say about the case? Find out at NewTeeVee Station.


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