Nokia Does N96 ‘TV Channel’, Unveils New Music Handset Next Week

imageNokia (NYSE: NOK) has launched what it’s calling a “mobile TV channel”, featuring short shows from some top UK hosts, to go with the imminent new N96 handset. “Capsule N96″ features motoring segment Cabin Fever, fashion item Portfolio, arts piece Pulse, Byte-Wize for gadgets, MTV Cribs imitator Power Pads and Funnyhaha for comedy.

The mobisodes will run weekly from the October 1 UK debut to end of November, are downloadable from Nokia’s website and essentially constitute promotion for the forthcoming device, each lasting 96 seconds. Though Capsule N96 fails to mention it, the N96 is Nokia’s first handset with DVB-H TV streming.

More interesting – the Finnish outfit is taking a host of its top global executives to the launch party for its Comes With Music program in London next Thursday evening. The event is expected to unveil a new addition to the Xpress Music range, designed to take advantage of the unlimited bundled music scheme, with retail starting at Carphone Warehouse on October 17.