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Veracifier and Pulp Secret Leave Next New Networks

This story has been updated with comments from NextNewNetworks and The Stack here.

Sometimes, things happen in threes, sometimes three is a trend. And right now NextNewNetworks no longer has three of its shows. After Epic-Fu departed the new media network in May, now comes word that Veracifier and the Stack are also no longer on NNN’s roster.

We noticed a post on Talking Points Memo on Friday that its video show Veracifier, was changing its name to TPMtv and launching its own channel on YouTube. An NNN rep emailed us to say that the two parties mutually agreed to end their relationship.

But this isn’t the only show to recently depart from NNN. The guys behind the comic book show The Stack (Pulp Secret!) left NNN to do the Comic Book Club show on their own channel on YouTube as well as they look for a new producer, according to Alex Zalben, one of the show’s hosts.

So what’s going on at NNN? The company has a new CEO, Lance Podell, coming on board on Oct. 1, who was most recently at the marketing and advertising network Seevast. NNN also took $15 million in a Series B round of funding in March, bringing its total raised to $23 million. A company representative sent us this statement via email:

“Right now Next New has honed in on areas like automotive, fashion, and animation.”

TPM site founder Josh Marshall told paidContent “We loved working with NNN. Great company; great people. But they were consolidating. And they wanted to own us. But we didn’t want to be owned. We wanted to stay independent. So we amicably parted ways.”

This notion of moving towards acquiring content outright seems a little different than what Podell told Liz during a recent interview. Podell said acquisitions, in-house development, and partnerships would be a part of the agenda going forward, explaining that one of the reasons NNN was interested in him was his experience working with, a “model for creating content without having everybody in-house.”

NNN has found some traction with advertisers in animation, integrating Starburst into the animated Nite Fite. And the NNN show ThreadBanger has a specially-branded sewing machine from show sponsor Janome.

We’ve been working on this story over the weekend and will have more details on Monday.