Topping off before going offline: Google Gears


GooglegearsofflineI’m sitting in SFO waiting to board my flight home and I’m way behind on reading my RSS feeds. I’ve barely touched my many feeds during this trip and I’ve got a full day of flying ahead of me. Why not make use of that time since the MSI Wind can go for over five hours… more with WiFi off, which of course it will be on my flight?I’m really the minimal look-and-feel of the Google Chrome browser, which is installed on my netbook. Chrome includes Google Gears by default, so in less than five minutes, I was just able to top-off on my RSS feeds. Obviously, Google Gears can be used with other browsers and platforms as well, so this top-off strategy can work for many folks that have to be offline for hours, but still want some “fresh” online information. Definitely handy before a long flight, so I can be productive: read through 2,000 items, star and share the ones of interest and then sync that info when I get back online. Yes… some people read SkyMall in the air… I read RSS feeds. There has to be a medical term for this condition…


Kevin C. Tofel

timothyt: when I used Gears before my flight, it pulled the full RSS feed content if available. No “snips”. It doesn’t pull down the images; it only shows gray boxes where the images exist, but that’s a very minor inconvenience. Perhaps you have or used an older version of Gears?

bobm, Gears worked great. As I mentioned in the post above, I pulled down 2,000 content items from my feeds. I was able to get through them on the flight without any issues and once everything was read andor starred, I synched back up the first chance I got a connection. Everything worked fine. One annoyance: I couldn’t use the “Mark all as read” button while offline. That would have sped up my RSS consumption when using List View.


Kevin, can we get a followup on how gears worked for the flight? I also try to preload my system before flying but it’s much more primitive in that I open many many many tabs with different things on each tab that I want to read.



really, a google gears fan? hmm maybe I should revisit this. My experience with google gears was horrible.
-It only downloaded the rss snips and not the actual posts, even if the feed itself contained such information.
-it does not download images within the feed.
-google gears as an app. itself left some process running in the background even after I uninstalled the program, and would launch this process every time I turned on the computer afterwards (I found out that google gears gives itself an entry in the task schedule which stays there even after an uninstall)

I’ve had good results using avantgo and mobipocket though. Includes images and full posts in the feed. Want to give it a try Kevin?


I can see the next airline surcharge coming…

Sir, that will be an additional $5 charge to read your RSS feeds during the flight.

But I already paid $1200 for this SFO to JFK economy class seat!

Yes sir, and your ticket price includes such extras as us allowing you to continue breathing. However, if you want to read your RSS feeds that will be an additional $5.

But it’s my own computer!

Yes sir, but it’s OUR airplane…

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