Skype shuts down Skypecasts



[qi:_newteevee] Skype quietly closed its popular Skypecast personal broadcasting service late last month. The decision is setting off howls of protest from loyal users, who are ready to bolt to competitive services. In a brief missive on Aug. 26 entitled “Goodnight Skypecasts,” Skype announced it was closing the service as of Sept. 1. The program allowed anyone to broadcast to up 100 people, all of whom could join in and comment. Full story @ NewTeeVee


John Doe

I beg to differ hear. I personally don’t use skypecast outside of an emergency at best, but eBay is still the leading auctioneer in the world. Skype if not already the leading voip in the world. Then that leaves us with Stumbleupon which is probably the best investment return they have made yet. I think eBay is doing fine, they just need to get rid of Meg Whitman and everything will be better.

Paul Holcomb

Skypecasts were an interesting idea — and one that we actually had in our competitive matrix for my own startup. The problem with Skypecasts was that they were largely irrelevant because there were no boundaries. At any given moment, a Skypecast about Arabian stamp collectors or left-handed midget plumbers just couldn’t draw a crowd at the drop of a hat.

We’re building something similar into our major release of after the beta (formally announced next week). Instead of these obscure and random categories, users will be able to join relevant and more mainstream interest sessions similar to skypecasts. Eventually though we do have a strategy to create social conferences around these “long tail” interests so those vertically challenged lefty plumbers once again have a way to sound off.

Now in beta:

Svetlana Gladkova

Strange the talks about Skype’s decision are emerging today after a few weeks after the actual decision. Has Skype really lost the popularity to the point when that blog entry was not even noticed by the blogosphere?


LOL Poor ebay. A $3 billion dollar investment going down the drain…StumbledUpon is the next to go. Ebay should have stayed in the Ebay business.

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