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Sugar, Inc. Launches Blog Platform With Retail Rev Stream

An interesting move from Sugar Inc. following its mid-summer course correction with NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) … the blog network opened its publishing platform to its readers today with OnSugar beta promising “sweet & simple publishing.” The concept: give users the tools to do what the Sugar pros do, increase engagement and add to revenue starting with retail links served up with the new blogs. CEO Brian Sugar said the move doesn’t preclude a Sugar ad network but this and other recent actions suggest that Sugar is still focused on realizing its own potential as a network.

Some details:

ShopStyle, acquired by Sugar last September, plays a major role; Sugar said at the time of the acquisition that the company would use ShopStyle

One Response to “Sugar, Inc. Launches Blog Platform With Retail Rev Stream”

  1. leila kramer

    How is this interesting? Do you take Sugar's claims at face value? Its social network TeamSugar claims to have as many users as MyYearbook which I doubted so I checked with Hitwise which has MyYearbook in the top ten social networks, TeamSugaris ranked 300th, absoultely tiny in other words.