Thanks for Making Mobilize 08 a Success

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We put the debut Mobilize 08 conference to bed yesterday evening after a long day full of interesting conversations, smart panels and most importantly, forecasts for the future of the mobile Internet. Indeed, the reason we wanted to host Mobilize in the first place is because we saw a parallel between today’s mobile Internet and the wired Internet of the mid-90s.

Back then, I had a courtside seat to the changes unleashed by the introduction of the Netscape browser. Today, the emergence of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, touch screen interfaces and wireless broadband connections are all adding up to a major shift in the mobile industry. Through various panels, keynotes and discussions, we got a few answers. More importantly, we got a chance to build a roadmap of the change.

Nortel CTO John Roese in his chat with me pointed out that “communication is becoming embedded fundamentally in everything we do.” And that is biggest change of them all. The live blog posts of all panels are currently available here. My congratulations to the winners of our inaugural Launchpad event.

In addition, here is more media coverage of the event that you might enjoy:

Before I go, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone — our speakers, sponsors and the audience — that helped make this event possible. You were all generous in your support of this first-time experiment, and you have my eternal gratitude.

On our end, the event was made possible by the relentless efforts of our business team — Joey Wan, Surj Patel, Nick Basso, Mike Sly and Paul Walborsky along with Marketing Alchemists Stacey, Erin and their crew. Kyle and Chancey were awesome about making the video stream work properly. The editorial team worked around the clock to not only provide up-to-the-minute coverage, to keep the entire network going. Thank you, guys. Enjoy the weekend, and see you back on Monday.

Looking forward to Mobilize 09.

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