iPhone 3G ultracompact adapters get ultra-recalled

Iphone3gusbpoweradapterMy list for not upgrading from a first-gen iPhone to the iPhone 3G gets a little longer today. Actually, that’s not fair to say because the issue is getting addressed, so I’d just have to remove it from my list. Seems there’s a wee bit of a problem with those ultracompact USB adapters for the iPhone 3G: the metal prongs apparently like to stay in outlets, even if the rest of the unit doesn’t. That would make them ultra-ultracompact in my book, but it also renders them useless and the outlet unsafe.Folks that have iPhone 3G devices in the U.S. Japan, Canada, Mexico, and some Latin American countries want to swing by their nearest Apple store after October 10th for a free placement. Option two is to hit up the Apple support site and fill out a form to have a replacement shipped direct.


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