Google Android photos underscore it’s all about the software


Gphoneinthewild_2Hard to tell if these pics of the Google Android phone from rizzn are legit or not, but with so many prior leaked images jiving with them, it’s a low-risk bet that this is the real deal. Looking at what’s likely the HTC Dream, it’s really hitting home to me that mobile devices are less and less about the hardware and more about the software and user experience. We’ll know for sure at Tuesday’s 10:30am T-Mobile / Google Android launch event; in fact, I should be there thanks to an invite that fell into my Inbox earlier this week.With each new device announcement that comes my way, my eyes are first drawn to the hardware look, feel and specifications. And with each new device announcement, I see much of the same. Sure, there’s some revolutionary changes every so often: the move from resistive to capacitive displays, for example. By and large however? Evolutionary in terms of the hardware. In fact, the photos above don’t show any great hardware leaps: we’ve had touchscreen phones with slide-out QWERTY keyboards for several years now.Services and software are starting to garner more of my focus as result. We spoke about the Google Android phone on a recent podcast and while Matt & James were licking their chops over the Android phone, I was the nay-sayer. I even asked them: “but what will you be able to do with that device that you can’t do now?” I still think the question is a good question, but I also think the answer isn’t yet fully written. Time will tell as we wait to see how developers take advantage of the Android platform, which will take a while. Just like it’s taken me a while to get past my “hardware addiction.” OK, I’m not actually over it yet, but admitting the problem is the first sign of recovery I hear.


the most interesting bit of the design is that ball. if done right it can either be used to pan or move a pointer in the browser.

Cody Blotske

I will own one. A touch screen device with a full keyboard that can cruise the internet (3g) with full HTML support and I can develop apps for it if I want to. That entire package is only 4 mm thicker than my Dash. I would say that’s close to a hardware change. How many Pocket PCs (with a keyboard) are thin enough that you don’t have to clip them to your belt (I’m too lazy to look at current phone specs)? My dash fits great in my pocket. But adding features, gaining a touch screen, and only getting 4 mm thicker it is not even a question. I will own one.

Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins

I can assure you based on what I know of the source of the photos that these are legit (and match up the other leaked photos I’ve seen around the net).

Of course, all you’re left with is my word on it, but I’m fairly confident in the source.

/mark “rizzn” hopkins
associate editor @

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