Yahoo Launches New Social Network SpotM, Only in India


In one of those local experiments that Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) keeps doing from time to time, it has launched a new social networking service called SpotM in India. This is Yahoo’s third or fourth attempt at entering social networking space, which has been a weak spot for it for it all along.

For now, the service is in closed beta, and aimed, of course, at the youth market. From, some features: allows users to define secret friends that their other friends won’t be able to see; and SMS integration/Anonymous chat: private conversations with others without revealing their mobile number. I think that anonymous part will raise some privacy issues…


John Philip Green

Dear Why,

I agree with you 100% for generic social networks like this. But purpose-built social networks, like (movies) or (education) makes as lot of sense.

I deliberately keep different sets of contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and LearnHub.



Unlike email ID or even mobile phones , why would I get onto a new Social network, when I am already there on Facebook, Orkut , LinkedIn and connected with 90% of those I want to be connected with . TOUCHE !

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